Caviar of Kalix - Kalix Löjrom

Caviar of Kalix - Kalix Löjrom

995,00 kr / 0,5 kilo

Caviar of Kalix or Kalix Löjrom as it is known as in Sweden is one of the best roes in the world. It's commonly used by the Swedish Royal family and have been served numerous times at the Noble Prize dinner.

Our Caviar of Kalix is certified as proof to the high quality is sustained. Caviar of Kalix is also Protected Designation of Origin by the EU. Caviar of Kalix is produced 4-5 weeks a year with start the 20 september each year. Caviar of kalix is produced from the vendace fish roe from the Bothnian Sea in norhtern Sweden. Once cought the fish is separeted into sex since it's only the females that carry the roe. Once this is done it's salted and then frozen and Caviar of Kalix is finshed!



Caviar of Kalix is deliverd forzen and all you have to do is unfrozen it, take the amount you wish to use, put it back in the freezer. This is able due to the high quality of the product and we guarantee you that the quality stays the same.


Caviar of Kalix is often served with prawns, garlic and only youre imagination is youre limit!

We ship worldwide. We have customers all over the world including China, South Korea, UK, France and many more countries. Please contact us for best shipping to your country.


Latin Name: Coregonus albula

Size of product: 500 gram

Price: 995 Swedish kronor


Produkt OBS Status Pris
897,00 kr / 3 kg
1 kg = 299,00 kr
Fjällröding - Röding Fjällröding - Röding
845,00 kr / 2,5 kg
1 kg = 338,00 kr
997,50 kr / 2,5 kg
1 kg = 399,00 kr
Torskrygg MSC Torskrygg MSC
597,50 kr / 2,5 kg
1 kg = 239,00 kr
Räkor - 40/60
845,00 kr / kg
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